My Why

The line finally has a name....after a year of building my skin care line with my Tasteful Art Experience business, the brand finally has a name...Testify.

For those who have been following me or know me, I’m sure you can get an idea why I picked TESTIFY, but for those who have no idea who I am or where I have been this name is stemmed from my MESS becoming a MESSAGE. A place where we can TESTIFY what we have went through without feeling like we are being judge. A place where our VOICE is a message. A place where no matter where you have been, we can build and develop into something beautiful.

But how does it relate to a skin care line? This line has been fully developed in moments where I was not feeling like myself. When I was feeling overwhelmed, ugly, and stressed. As a survivor of domestic violence, there are still times when you just don’t feel like yourself. To alleviate this feeling I engaged in making skin care products that makes the body feel and look good. For me....creating a line for women to make their skin and body feel better has allowed me to transform my own inner feelings into products individuals can use to promote their own health and wellness. It allowed me to
Testify...that no matter are loved...and you are beautiful.